Is it hard to date a disabled person?

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During the several years we’ve been running the site Disabled Dating Expert, we got asked a lot of different questions. We often talk about only one of them, why we decided to use the term disabled but today we would like to talk about the second most asked question. Just to be perfectly clear, the only reason why we used that term is because this is how the Internet infrastructure and search engines work. And we wanted to reach the widest possible audience and answer any questions they might have about this topic.

This brings us to the question at hand: Is it hard to date a disabled person? The answer is deceptively simple: No, it’s not and it certainly isn’t harder than dating anyone else who isn’t disabled. And while this answer sounds right, the next thought that probably popped into your mind would be related to the so-called “technical issues” you might encounter while dating a disabled person. We can categorize them into two areas. The first one pertains to the physical world we live in and the way our villages, towns, and cities are built.

Furthermore, it pertains to the way businesses, stores, and other establishments are built. What we’re talking about here are issues like wheelchair access for example. All of these issues, while cumbersome, can be easily resolved. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The second area of issues pertains to the reactions of certain types of people. Yes, there are still people who stare at someone who’s different than them. People who talk behind your back or try to insert themselves into awkward interactions for their own benefit.

We should also remind you that there are also good people in this world. People who want to help and who are generally pleasant to be around. However, that’s not the main point of this article. The main point is a very personal one. We could go down the rabbit hole that is the deconstruction of the system of values that our society upholds but that would simply take up too much time and space. What we want to focus on is something more important. Perhaps the only thing that is important and that is love.

Your focus should be that other person and if the two of click, nothing in this world can pull you apart. All the things that someone else would find difficult will not be for you. That is the power of true human connection and the power of love if you’ll allow us to get a bit emotional here. You won’t care about all these things if your relationship is right. And dating a disabled person is not different from dating a non-disabled person, as we already said.

People tend to forget what dating actually looks like because they get swept up in this whirlwind of emotions and concepts that make it rather difficult to think straight. That’s why they say, well, he’s in love, let him be. Imagine if all our traits were visible and anyone who interacts with us could instantly see what we’re like. Just imagine how many marriages there are where the spouses are cheating on each other. You don’t say is it hard to date someone who cheats on you, mostly because you’re not sure they’re actually going to do it.

And even if they do it, you still find a way to work through things. This is our human nature. If we want something to work, it’s not hard to make it work. It can even be a pleasure. So, do not think that dating a person with a disability is hard. The only thing you should be thinking about is whether this other person is right for you. Think about how you feel about them and talk to them honestly about your feelings. Communication is a key aspect of any relationship. And if you’re looking for love online, check out our list of Best Disabled Dating Sites.

Top 3 Best Disabled Dating Sites

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