Wheelchair Dating Questions You Always Wanted To Ask

People usually try very hard not to mention a handicapped person’s disability, but sometimes pretending it is not there can be even worse. If you have just started dating a person in a wheelchair, there are probably many questions you wish to ask but do not know how to bring them up. Before you feel comfortable enough discussing your partner’s disability, here are answers to some wheelchair dating questions that are probably on everyone’s mind.

What Happened To You?

This is something that will come up eventually, but you may not know at first whether or not your partner feels comfortable talking about how they ended up in a wheelchair. Asking what happened to them directly is not the way you want to start this conversation and it is probably best to wait a while and let the other person bring up the subject on their own. After you have known each other for a while, talking about sensitive topics will come more naturally for both of you. 

Have You Dated Someone Who Is Not In A Wheelchair Before Me?

People usually feel uncomfortable asking this question because presuming handicapped people only date amongst themselves might be perceived as offensive. In reality, a lot of handicapped people have non-handicapped partners. For those who have never been with a disabled person, being curious about something like this is perfectly normal, but it is important to remember that some folks do not like talking about their previous partners, no matter if they were disabled or not. 

How To Date A Person In A Wheelchair?

People who have never had handicapped friends or partners are often curious about what dating looks like for someone in a wheelchair. On the other hand, those who have some experience or have met their potential love interests through a dating website for handicapped people might know a bit more about the matter but still have many questions. The good news is that people in wheelchairs can, of course, enjoy all the same activities as non-handicapped folks, including going to the movies, bowling, attending concerts and sports events, and having picknicks. Traveling abroad usually requires a bit of planning ahead, but other than that, handicapped people date just like every other able-bodied person.

How Does Sex Work?

Most people are curious about how sex works for someone who is in a wheelchair – that is, if they can have sex at all. It is a common misconception that handicapped people do not have functional reproductive organs and thus cannot have sex. The truth is that people with mobility impairments can have a fulfilling sex life, just like people who are not in wheelchairs. Wheelchair users have the same desires and fantasies as others and they can enjoy all sorts of sexual activities; even if penetrative sex is not possible for some reason, there are always other options, including oral sex, mutual masturbation, and others.

Can You Have Children?

Yes, most people in wheelchairs can have children. Women in wheelchairs can carry children to term and have a vaginal birth, producing perfectly healthy offspring. It is, however, important to keep in mind that there is a higher risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth for women with mobility impairments. Men who suffered a spinal cord injury are also more likely to have trouble with erectile dysfunction and low sperm count as well. Still, despite these potential issues that can be successfully deal with, there is no reason why you and your handicapped partner could not be able to start a family if one day you decide to do so.

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